Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Updates and Downloads

It's been a while since we've updated everyone on Astro Club Blonde's activities- and there is a lot to update on. The band is currently recording their first full length album- DEBUTANTES. The album is currently scheduled to be released October 1st and will be a big step forward for the band. If you have followed the band over the internet you most likely know Astro Club Blonde's first EP "NEW AS TOMORROW". But, the band has grown considerably since then and mostly perform their new material which will be the basis for DEBUTANTES. The band also has two new music videos which will be released with the new album.

Astro Club Blonde has also been working on a new live set up and has been practicing to get it all ready. The band will be playing this Sunday in the Lower East Side, it will be a good opportunity to see what we are doing now and all of our new material. The event is hosted by the Free Arts Society, the info is's actually really strange.

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE Sunday, August 1st, 9pm to ?

This is
an after party for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party in Tompkins Square Park. Basically the event location is undisclosed as of now. You will have to wait until the Tea Party is done to learn the location. Check out all the info on Facebook, it is usually a pretty good time with these people.

Over the next few weeks there is going to be more updates and downloads. But, until then, you can download the Power_Love ipod video. (I know it's old, but we got new stuff coming.) You can download this file and plop it on your iPod video, or iPhone and watch it till your heart's content.