Monday, August 2, 2010

Updates and Downloads- New As Tomorrow

In January Astro Club Blonde released our first EP, New As Tomorrow. We gave a limited amount cd's away at some of our shows, but never made the EP available for download online- until now. Below you can download New As Tomorrow. The album has tracks like the motorcycle pop-rock song "My Girl", an electronic-dance cover of Rod Stewart's "Young Turks", the Chinese-American love song POWER_LOVE, and the glam-pop title track "New As Tomorrow". All in all every song on the album is an upbeat anthem dedicated to love in the modern world. Enjoy.
Astro Club Blonde recently played at the Free Art's Society. Apparently, they are losing their space that they have on Grand Street, but they promised us they are going to be holding events in the future in a new location. We will keep you posted with future events and gallery openings.

Next week Astro will also be having t-shirts available for purchase. We will keep you updated on where you can get your hands on one.