Monday, October 25, 2010


Millennium Blonde recently completed shooting its short film "KOBROWSKI". The film is co-directed by Michael Borowiec and Nathan Rogers-Hancock. KOBROWSKI has been in the works for some time and after six days of shooting in Schenectady and Valatie, NY the film moves into the editing room. We threw out script after script until we landed upon KOBROWSKI, which is co-written by Nathan Rogers-Hancock and Michael Borowiec. We wanted a great story, but more so, a great character, that we could work with in other films and stories. Also, we really wanted to bring a strong, action-hero-type character to independent films. The story of KOBROWSKI goes......

"KOBROWSKI- the boy-genius detective who joined the force at 16 years old. KOBROWSKI instantly became a media and tabloid sensation, inspiring American's across the country, becoming a legend in his own time- an American hero. But, at 23 years old, involved in a turbulent court case, he found the public scrutiny too much. Facing a quarter life crisis he retired from the force and moved from New York City to Upstate New York, where he goes into retirement. But, even in this small town, he could only avoid trouble for so long...."

The film stars Michael Borowiec as KOBROWSKI, and Camille Balsamo as MARIA. (below). The film also has appearances by Mike Oshins, Zach De Sorbo, Paul Ruth, Robert Nevulis and many more.

We were fortunate to have a great crew on this film, which was small, but incredibly efficient.
We had Logan Olberg (line-producer), Steve Levine (director of photography), Darcie Wilder (assistant camera), Alan Lapointe (Sound), John Hogan (grip), and Joseph Borowiec (special effects). Check back for more KOBROWSKI updates and photos from set.

Check back for more updates on KOBROWSKI.

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