Wednesday, January 12, 2011


In my previous post about datamoshing, I mentioned that I was working on datamoshing a music video. The video, posted below, is for Astro Club Blonde's latest single, NIGHT SHIFT. Astro Club Blonde has their next album, BLUSH, on the way and we thought this video would be a fitting time to give everyone a sample. Make sure to check back for leaked tracks from the album in the next few weeks.

NIGHT SHIFT was shot on both the Canon 7D and on the Canon 550D. Our DP, Joel Neville Anderson, shot our exterior scenes in Upstate New York on his 7D. The rest of the video was shot in Brooklyn and in Adolfo Vargas' photo studio in midtown. I want to thank Adolfo Vargas for his kindness in letting us use his space and Tom Perry who waved a flashlight around at me while I ran in place.

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